What is a Cloud PBX?

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The service that eliminates the need for a "conventional" Call Center and therefore its physical installation in your facilities.
Through an Internet connection and the use of network (IP) telephone devices or computer/smartphone applications, each user has the ability to make and receive phone calls, from wherever he/she is. In addition, Cloud PBX offers a number of functions for easier management and maintenance. That way, a significant reduction in operating costs and improvement of the image of your business is achieved.

The advantages of a Cloud PBX

Large volume inbound call management

Elimination of equipment maintenance costs

Unlimited number of users

Use of one Cloud PBX for all your touch points

Additional Cloud PBX functions

Instant Messaging

Automated operation time
(Time Conditions)

Improved Customer Service
(Click2Call & integration with CRM)

Softphone Apps
for Smartphones

through Web Browser

Call Back



Do you want an offer for a Cloud PBX?

I am starting now
I have little to no experience in VoIP telephony
Cloud PBX cost per year | €62 VAT Includedi am interested
I use another VoIP provider
I would like to try a better solution
number portability cost | €18,6 VAT Includedi am interested

Reduction of fixed assets

Fixed telephone number from €15 per year


Great benefit on maintenance costs

Cloud Call Center from €50 per year


Increase Productivity

No additional charge for voice channels means you no longer lose any calls


Cost Control

Check your account online 24/7

  • Incoming and outgoing calls, with the possibility of displaying the number of your business, wherever you are (Greece / Abroad), using Wi-Fi or 4G / 5G, free of charge

  • Integrated teleconferencing solution (Conference Rooms)

  • Monitoring of the number of answered and unanswered calls

  • Monitoring of the status of calls and callers waiting

  • Phone services by email (Voice2mail)

  • Portability (work from anywhere)

  • Real-Time call status

  • Status – Full overview of the status of all users (presence)

  • The customer has the option to hang-up, without losing his place at the waiting que. Calling of the customer as soon as an agent becomes available. Sending an email notification to the supervisor

  • Tripartite conversation (Conference)

  • Voice guidance portal (IVR)

  • Waiting hours with the announcement of the queue position to the caller (Queues)

Do you need more information about Cloud PBX?

For more info about 3CX please visit the website: https://www.3cx.com/

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