Courier & delivery companies are now an integral part of the new digital reality in the retail and food & beverage sector. For delivery companies to properly meet the increasing demand, it is essential that they take advantage of every technological means to facilitate daily work and minimize costs.

The back office, delivery personnel, and the company’s management departments need effective internal communication tools, as well as innovative ways to effectively communicate with clients and recipients.

VoIP telephony meets these needs and connects your overall tech infrastructure with your communication tools at a fair price. Voiceland offers the ultimate combination of VoIP telephony and cloud call center automation, removing all barriers in your communication efforts with drivers, customers, and recipients.

With well-structured IVR, recipients can be automatically directed to the people who will answer their questions, by typing a postal code or shipment number for example.

Thus, time spent on the phone answering people’s questions will become significantly less for a considerable number of calls. Employees will become more productive and manage their workload efficiently.

Also, connecting your CRM to your call center software gives customer support teams the opportunity to automatically view any caller’s record and shipment history on their screen. Thus they will be able to quickly respond to requests about package deliveries and view the contract status of the calling client.

By combining a cloud call center with your VoIP telephony, you can save up to 65% of your company's communication costs by leveraging low-cost calling within Greece and abroad. Especially if you have partnerships with international shipping companies, VoIP telephony is the solution you should already be using for your communication. When combined with our 100% reliable cloud call center, this option removes the burden of all hardware or device acquisition costs. You will be able to speak from a mobile phone via an app or from a computer via a special add-on software provided by Voiceland.

Digital capabilities with dynamic benefits for courier & delivery companies

Connection to management systems for direct viewing of the customer's history

One single and integral call center for all your branches

IVR forwards the call to the best-fitting branch

Free company internal calls & low international call fees

Enjoy unexcelled benefits

by the know-how of our specialized team

3CX Call Center

with Video Conference ability

100% Customization

for every new line/station from our experienced team


live support

Unlimited Ticketing

for Call Center modification/setting issues

Free analysis for your
telecommunications services

Single charge in Greece
and the European Union

Free voice channels
for everyone

Charge per second,
from the first second

Competitive advantages

Reduction of fixed assets

Fixed telephone number from €15 per year


Great benefit on maintenance costs

Cloud Call Center from €50 per year


Increase Productivity

Free voice channels. No loss calls.


Cost Control

Check your account online 24/7

How can VoIP telephony reduce the cost of communication for Courier & Delivery companies?