A modern online retailer, besides a flawlessly designed e-shop, must be able to support its customers not just through the offered goods but also its offered service. The percentage of phone orders, as well as that of the questions or inquiries made through telephone, are still quite high in Greece.

Thus, it seems mandatory for an E-shop to have a reliable call center that can manage and list all incoming calls. At VOICELAND our main concern is to not just offer communication of high quality, but also solutions that will boost your productivity. For that reason, through our collaboration with some of Greece’s largest e-shops, we managed to automate procedures that are usually time-consuming for a conventional call center.

We have developed custom solutions that give your customers the ability to get informed on the status of their order or request automatically, with pre-recorded voice messages, or with a direct diversion to the correct department based on their needs.

Furthermore, we provide the ability, in collaboration with a third company, for different telephone numbers, so that you can list the channel through which each sale originated (Google, Facebook, Instagram, E-mail). With VoIP telephony, the future of retail meets the future of communication!

Digital capabilities with technological benefits for E-shops

Smart incoming call management

Call quality statistics

Pre-recorded messaging update on order or request status

Acquisition of a Greek/foreign number regardless of region

Enjoy unexcelled benefits

by the know-how of our specialized team

3CX Call Center

with Video Conference ability

100% Customization

for every new line/station from our experienced team


live support

Unlimited Ticketing

for Call Center modification/setting issues

Free analysis for your
telecommunications services

Single charge in Greece
and the European Union

Free voice channels
for everyone

Charge per second,
from the first second

Competitive advantages

Reduction of fixed assets

Fixed telephone number from €15 per year


Great benefit on maintenance costs

Cloud Call Center from €50 per year


Increase Productivity

Free voice channels. No loss calls.


Cost Control

Check your account online 24/7

How can VoIP telephony reduce the cost of communication for E-shops?