The hospitality industry is one of the most demanding in regards to customer service, as most of the communication with the client is carried through via telephone. Hoteliers are called to simultaneously respond to requests of already visiting clients, coordinate functions, and offer information and service to all prospective visitors. In an environment like that, good communication becomes the key to a successful business operation.

A flexible VoIP telephony system provides additional capabilities that you can offer your guests, such as automated restaurant or spa booking services, food service requests, customer satisfaction rating platforms, or wake-up call settings.

This is the way, to provide high-quality services and world-class experience. At VOICELAND we have great experience in the hospitality industry. We can help you acquire a befitting Cloud PBX, customized so that it suits the needs of your hospitality unit. Furthermore, we undertake the customization of the call center and the devices or the apps you will use, in order to provide a smooth transition from conventional to VoIP telephony. For a communication experience as pleasant as the stay you offer!

Digital capabilities with real benefits for Hotel Enterprises

Availability of distinct phone numbers for each room

Integration with the already existing CRM/ERP

Ability to charge calls by room

Fixed charges for calls to all European Union

Enjoy unexcelled benefits

by the know-how of our specialized team

3CX Call Center

with Video Conference ability

100% Customization

for every new line/station from our experienced team


live support

Unlimited Ticketing

for Call Center modification/setting issues

Free analysis for your
telecommunications services

Single charge in Greece
and the European Union

Free voice channels
for everyone

Charge per second,
from the first second

Competitive advantages

Reduction of fixed assets

Fixed telephone number from €15 per year


Great benefit on maintenance costs

Cloud Call Center from €50 per year


Increase Productivity

Free voice channels. No loss calls.


Cost Control

Check your account online 24/7

How can VoIP telephony reduce the cost of communication for Hospitality Units?