Find the plan that better suits your business needs, and choose between Blue Unlimited & Voice Unlimited. Two new plans, designed to grow your business.



With VoIP telephony, your company's communication is always where you and your partners are. At the office, at home or even on the go. All you need is an Internet connection, or a 3G / 4G / 5G network.



Make phone calls at a lower cost, and remain available from wherever you are, while saving time for yourself and your business. These are just some of the benefits of VoIP telephony and Cloud Call Center tools that every modern enterprise can now enjoy.



Discover a new type of communication, with improved audio quality and the ability to respond from anywhere. Furthermore, with the help of new technological tools, you now have a way to ensure immediate and effortless customer service.



Set yourself free of analog telephone networks and make calls with a flat fee from anywhere in Greece and Europe. With VoIP telephony, communication has no borders and with VOICELAND no hidden charges.

Our Services

VoIP telephony

VoIP telephony

Upgrade your business today through integrated and specialized VoIP telephony services, exclusively for businesses and professionals.

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX

Make and receive phone calls, anywhere you are, and reduce your operating costs through the complete solutions of a Cloud PBX.

VoIP Numbering

VoIP Numbering

Get a new number within one business day. Take advantage of the ability to make calls and talk from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

What sets us apart

Flat rate

Flat rate to Greece and the European Union, USA,
Canada, England, Norway, Iceland

Voice channels

Unlimited number of users and concurrent calls

Second-based billing

Per second billing from the first second, with no hidden charges and upwards call cost rounding

Cloud infrastructure

Utilization of infrastructure with guaranteed availability> 99.97%. That is an almost 100% optimum functioning guarantee of your company's communication systems

3CX Cloud annual cost from 270€/year

The annual cost of 3CX Cloud Call Center from 270 €/year for 1 up to 12 users with all features active (for the Pro 4 version)

Crystal clear sound quality

We ensure the maximum quality of calls through the privately owned circuits that we have in Greece and abroad

Reduce your costs with VoIP telephony

Voiceland World

The No. 1 VoIP telephony provider in Greece exclusively for businesses and professionals

1500+ active clients

use our services daily

750+ installed Cloud PBX

offer the most innovative solutions to companies that trust them

108,000,000+ minutes

carried out through our privately-owned network for the year 2022

Voiceland World Globe Europe Greece

86,500,000+ answered calls

carried out through our privately-owned network for the year 2022

SLA 99.998%

for the availability of our services

Incomparable sound quality

through VoIP devices and mobile applications

Looking for a new VoIP phone system?

I am starting now
I have little to no experience in VoIP telephony
Cloud PBX cost per year | 351,54€ all VAT's included. i am interested
I use another VoIP provider
I would like to try a better solution
number portability cost | €18,6 VAT Included i am interested

Our Clientele


Andreas Giannakopoulos

IT Manager- ZAKCRET E-shop

Voiceland supports our daily communication

Voiceland, is a new and powerful company in the field of telecommunications, plays the central axis of communication with our customers by supporting our call center of four (4)
E-shops and (24) twenty-four points. Voiceland gave us the solutions to be able to overcome any difficulty in communication and customer service. We thank them!


Christos Kounavis

CEO - Gatoskilo.gr

A strategic and irreplaceable partner

Voiceland is a strategic and irreplaceable partner for our customer-centric strategy! Professionals with deep knowledge of the subject, are by our side in every need, making our cooperation unique and enjoyable.


Clio Siragaki

Digital Marketing Strategist

The first telephony company to do what it says!

Having a bad experience from previous VoIP telephony providers, the people of VOICELAND made us re-trust the capabilities of VoIP for immediate support and communication with our customers. They also supported us 100% in the online training we do through the 3CX platform with features that gave added value to our services. The relationship with them is not just professional, it's essential!


Leonidas Darras

CEO - Sequence

It is always our first choice

Having implemented dozens of telephone projects with the valuable cooperation of Voiceland, covering the most demanding needs of our customers, we have gained the best impressions for the quality of its human resources and the thorough knowledge they have. Competitive in price strategy and technology, it is always our first choice.


Penelope Oikonomaki

Oikonomakis Global Law Firm

The epitome of essential cooperation

The epitome of our essential cooperation with the Voiceland team is the direct communication and response to each of our issues, as well as the goodwill to seek the optimal solution for the realization of the multilevel requests of our Law Firm.


Costas Katsimbas

Financial Manager - Sleed

Voiceland's services suit us perfectly

By constantly communicating with our customers, a reliable call center is of paramount importance to us. The services offered by Voiceland suit us perfectly and provide us with the necessary flexibility and scalability that our business requires as it grows. You are amazing and we highly recommend it!


George Balatsos

IT Manager - ΕBW

Voiceland is our No.1 tool

When it comes to telephone services, Voiceland is our No. 1 tool. Having tested more than 10 telephone service companies, none is close to Voiceland in terms of support, availability, and pricing policy. If anyone is taking telephone communication seriously then they need Voiceland.


Anastasia Theodoridou

Sales Manager - BEEASY Τηλεγραμματεία

Excellent service quality

For us, Voiceland is a reliable partner and ally. Excellent quality of telephone and Cloud call center services, fast service and technical support, flexible solutions for telegram, but also our customers. This collaboration makes us feel safe.

IQ Solar

George Kalampalikis

Sales Manager - IQ Solar

It's worth a try

In the face of Voiceland are gathered all the features we have always been looking for from a VoIP provider: a stable network without disconnections, direct technical support, competitive prices. It's worth a try.


Giannis Marousis

IT Manager - Blueground

It always offers us the best solutions

We are very pleased with our partnership with Voiceland. A reliable partner who understands our needs and always offers us the best solutions. Immediate technical customer support!

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