The working environment in the sector of property agencies is intensively competitive and has high levels of pressure. For the brokers, the realtors and all the professionals of this sector, the immediate communication and the optimal service of the customers may become the competitive advantage that will make them stand out.

The immediacy of communication and the swift response to the client’s requests are main factors when it comes to the successful closing of a deal.

VoIP telephony and the capabilities that the Cloud PBX can provide are invaluable tools in this effort.

The communication for every single property you manage can be done directly, through redirection of the call of any interested individual to the mobile of the assigned to the property realtor, even if the interested party calls at the office. Simply by entering the code number of the property listing during the call, without the need for someone to mediate.

At VOICELAND we have custom developed a series of telecommunication solutions for the sector of real-estates. We provide VoIP telephony and high-performance Cloud PBX for remote communication and call control of all your partners, archiving of all clients calls, noise reduction, and crystal clear voice quality, free intercorporate communication, as well as a significant reduction of your monthly telephony bills.

Digital capabilities with essential benefits for Real Estate Agents and Realtors

Contact your brokers directly via a Softphone app wherever they are

Call routing to each broker according to the real estate code

Integration with your existing CRM

Ability to teleconference from your mobile phone or computer

Enjoy unexcelled benefits

by the know-how of our specialized team

3CX Call Center

with Video Conference ability

100% Customization

for every new line/station from our experienced team


Live Support

Unlimited Ticketing

for Call Center modification/setting issues

Free analysis for your
telecommunications services

Single charge in Greece
and the European Union

Free voice channels
for all users

Charge per second,
from the first second

Competitive advantages

Reduction of fixed assets

Fixed telephone number from €15 per year


Great benefit on maintenance costs

Cloud Call Center from €50 per year


Increase Productivity

Free voice channels. No loss calls.


Cost Control

Check your account online 24/7

How can VoIP telephony reduce the cost of communication for Real Estate Agencies?