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Crystal-clear conversation with Snom.

At the heart of our commitment to exceptional communication, we've partnered with Snom to ensure every professional conversation you have resonates with unparalleled clarity and quality.

Snom has been our supplier for VoIP phones since 2019. With an aim for maximum compatibility, security, and flexibility, we chose to collaborate with Snom due to its design standards for demanding PBX systems. Their exceptional expertise in telecom hardware manufacturing and their unparalleled attention to detail are the reasons behind the high-fidelity sound of your conversations.

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Integrate hardware και software for better management.

VoIP telephony bridges the gap between telephone devices and communication software.

One of the top reasons businesses opt for VoIP telephony is its seamless connection to the world of computers. With Voiceland and your Snom devices, you can be confident that your VoIP PBX supports the software to be installed, as well as all possible integrations (e.g., CRM and PBX integration).

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Your new PBX
raises the bar higher.

Unlock the perfect communication experience tailored just for you, as we expertly navigate you through choosing your Snom PBX devices that align seamlessly with your unique needs.

Voiceland proudly offers Snom's elite VoIP devices, standing out as the sole provider with a generous 3-year warranty and complimentary device setup. While Snom doesn't offer its products directly to end-users, they handpick partners like us, emphasizing integrity and expertise to guarantee impeccable installation and communication results.

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Benefits of Snom PBX devices for business communication.

Experience communication in its purest form, blending crystal-clear voice quality with unparalleled security.


sound technology

Experience consistently enhanced sound quality, thanks to ever-evolving algorithms that address common IP technology challenges, from processing lags and network disruptions to background noise.


Optimized security
in the IP era

Ensuring network reliability is crucial in today's digital landscape. Snom sets the pace, offering unparalleled security by diligently employing and refining the best-tested IP security methodologies.


User-friendly and
durable devices

Snom prioritizes superior screen quality and device durability, presenting crucial user information on vivid, wide-angle, high-resolution displays for an enhanced communication experience.



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