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Harness the power of 3CX.

Enhance your business operations with 3CX technology, delivering beyond traditional phone calls.

Use Live Chat, the WhatsApp app, Facebook, SMS, and video conferencing through the web client. Choose the platform that serves you best and reduce your company's communication costs. With a budget-friendly annual communication plan, your team can practically talk and work together from everywhere!


Next-gen business communication.

Voiceland chooses tried and true solutions for the modern business, with innovative features and flexible pricing plans.

The 3CX platform offers a unified, user-friendly environment, encouraging your team to engage, collaborate, and achieve goals from anywhere in the world. A 3CX PBX enhances productivity, reduces communication costs, improves business operations, and upgrades customer service. With 3CX, innovation meets efficiency, bringing a brighter and more functional future for your business.


3CX platinum partners.

Voiceland is the first VoIP provider in Greece to earn the 3CX Platinum Partner award!

Our collaboration with 3CX began in 2019. The exceptional support we offer to our clients and our robust progress over these years led to our recognition as a 3CX Platinum Partner. With this award, new opportunities arise for both us and our clients. This means we can provide even more advanced VoIP phone systems and significant cost reductions for both our new and active clients.



Benefits of the 3CX PBX for business communication.

More than 250,000 businesses in over 190 countries trust 3CX solutions.

1 (1)-1

You can set the budget

Switching to cloud PBX offers significant cost savings for your business. 3CX provides high performance, reliability, and a clear budget, giving you full control over your expenses.

2 (1)-1

Communication from

Whether via the web client or the 3CX app, you maintain a consistent connection, empowering you to engage from any global location. Stay in touch, no matter your whereabouts.

3 (1)-2

Free video

3CX offers free video conferencing, allowing you to conduct your web meetings and bridge distances without any additional charges. Speak, connect, and share ideas with 3CX.



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