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VoIP ring groups.

Teams or departments with common tasks can be notified simultaneously for an incoming call. Ring groups in VoIP telephony streamline the process, simultaneously alerting group members to incoming calls for quicker responses.

With this feature, there's a fair distribution of incoming calls among group members. Call queues offer a parallel solution, directing calls based on agent availability. These features are perfectly designed and work seamlessly for customer care teams, order-taking groups, sales teams, accounting departments, technical support teams, etc., where typically all members handle incoming calls equally.

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Advantages of ring groups.

Coordinate your teams with the ring groups feature.


Improved answer

Every call is promptly answered by the first available respondent, naturally enhancing the call answer rate and guaranteeing that no call is missed.


Better customer

Regardless of who's available, the call will always be answered. Ring groups enhance customer service by ensuring the team promptly addresses each call.



Create call groups based on department, location, or skills. This setup, combined with a proper IVR, enables calls to be directed to the appropriate group for request resolution.

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Ring groups help small businesses grow.

Ensure that your calls are answered promptly without bearing the cost of using expensive software.

By reducing the number of missed calls, improving customer service, and giving customers the opportunity to speak directly with a representative, you create the right conditions for your business to thrive. Enhance the answer rate of incoming calls by activating Voiceland's ring groups feature.

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