We're on a mission to revolutionize business communication, and we're making it happen!

At Voiceland, we're united by shared values and aspirations. We're devoted to helping businesses like yours surpass communication difficulties and advance every single day!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses by providing advanced communication solutions, which heighten internal collaboration, augment operational efficiency, streamline information exchange, and enable your organization to surpass physical geographical limitations.

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Our Vision

We dream of a future where exceptional communication becomes the catalyst for business growth and profitability. As a leading VoIP telephony provider for professionals and businesses alike, we're committed to creating services that harmoniously blend today's systems with tomorrow's advancements.

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Our Goals

As a Greek enterprise thriving in the constantly advancing tech sector, our ambition is to revolutionize Greek businesses' potential through superior VoIP services designed to honor the unique dynamics of the Greek economic landscape.


Our power is anchored in our team.

Voiceland’s core, and the driving force behind our every achievement, is our dedicated and skilled team.

The Voiceland team is committed to revolutionizing your business communication. United in innovation, our tech experts, engineers, developers, and customer care professionals collaboratively create new communication concepts and engineer solutions. We deliver superior business services and products, enabling you to lead the way in corporate communication.

Grigoris Samaras
Software Developer

Having completed his studies in computer science, he has developed a passion for this science as well as expertise in various languages and programming practices. Possessing virtues such as patience, reliability, he achieves the goals assigned to him. He is eager for new things and constantly updated to upgrade his skills so that he reaches the maximum. His skills make him competent to undertake any project in the field of IT with professionalism and commitment to a quality result.

Kostas Papadopoulos
Voice Expert

His passion for technology from an early age led him to the field of networks and telecommunications through an excellent academic career. His creative and fresh mindset, innovative ideas among with his ability to achieve goals, and strong team spirit led him to Voiceland, where he is constantly exploring the maximum of his potential.

Efstathios Arvanitakis
General Manager

With a long course of years in the field of sales and with his positive energy to characterize him, he constantly cultivates & develops relationships of trust with customers & partners. Always cheerful, smiling & polite ready to meet any requirement and find the best possible solution. He uses his sociability as an active volunteer with a high sense of responsibility for everything he undertakes.

Giorgos Manai
Sales Director

Inspired by the telecommunications needs of each customer and equipped with his smile and kindness he aims to create long-term relationships of trust with his customers. His many years of experience in the sales field makes him an ideal partner for any professional looking for specialized solutions in VoIP telephony.

Vassilios Tzanoudakis
CTO & Founder

His interest in computer science from a very young age led him to deepen his knowledge in the field of networks and computer systems management. His communicative character, patience and method contribute to solve complex technical problems, quickly and efficiently. His work experience from both the public and the private sector in combination with the continuous research and development in state-of-the-art technologies are his supplies for the future.

Ioannis-Marios Vamvakaris
CEO & Founder

Communication is his passion. He developed a love for telephony through his studies in computer science & network security. The hobby became the inspiration, and the inspiration was the creation of Voiceland. The passion inside him is unquenchable in every aspect of his life. Realistic, technocratic and immediately friendly with the contagion in communication getting excellent.

Athanassios Gofas
Senior Web Engineer

His communicative character and his passion for technology led him to study computer science, through which his talent in modern forms of communication unfolded. A methodical visionary but with practical spirit and diligence, he gives his own special mark to the upward course of VOICELAND!

Alexandros Dikastopoulos
Marketing & Design Manager

The love for Graphic Design led him to the paths of Design Management and from there to a constant search for the ideal Branding. Extroverted, smiling and straightforward, he combines typography, shapes, colors, and images on a canvas to excel the business benefits for any organization.

Marios Fantopoulos
Head of Support

His passion for technology from his early years led him to study computer science. There he entered the world of networks and telecommunications. With many successes, experiences, and distinctions, now trained, he contributes to the field of VOIP telephony. With a lot of energy, consistency, organization, and passion every day, it helps to fulfill the vision of the company, offering solutions. His guide is the perfect result of daily challenges.

Vaso Theocharopoulou
Office Administration

Having experience in several professional fields, she is characterised by determination and her dynamic professional attitude she is ready to face everyday’s professional difficulties. Always smiling, and being polite and sociable are a few of the strengths of her character. She loves serving her office administrator duties and as a great communicator she enhances the team spirit among her colleagues.

George Pogkas
Voice Specialist

From a young age he is characterised by his enthusiasm for communication, his constant involvement with information technology and his passion for technology. These attributes led him academically in the field of networks and telecommunications. His abilities combined with its knowledge, team spirit and his daily service in our industry, makes him a valuable member of our company.

Anastasis Metallidis
Voice Expert

His love of IT from an early age led him to academic studies in the industry where he specialized in the field of networks and telephony. His youthful, flexible and "outside the box" way of thinking, his adaptability, his team spirit and his constant thirst for self-improvement led him to Voiceland, making him an important member of our team.

Apostolis Santas
Software Developer

His interest in computer science led him to study academically in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Methodically, consistently and creatively, he tries to contribute every day to the fulfillment of the team’s goals and to the company’s growth.

Panos Giannakopoulos
Account Manager

His passion for sales and customer service makes him the ideal partner for businesses looking for reliable VoIP telephony solutions. Inspired by courtesy and willingness to serve, he always tries to go the extra mile to find the best possible solution for each client.


An emotional and inspiring journey.

From a simple idea, Voiceland is today the No 1 VoIP provider in Greece.

  • Now
  • 2021
  • 2019
  • 2016
  • 2011



Voiceland today

We provide better communication tools for your business.

We now serve over 600 call centers for businesses and have received the Platinum Partner award for 3CX in Greece. Our goal is to maintain leadership in VoIP telephony and strive for the title of Best Workplace in our industry in the coming years.



Writing the new chapter of our journey

A new page in new facilities.

Continuing to explore powerful technologies, our team gradually grew to the point where our initial offices seemed small. In 2021, we moved to a new space of 400 sq.m., from where we continue to provide high-level services for small, medium, and large businesses in Greece.



New Collaborations

Choosing cutting-edge technologies.

Our collaboration with Amazon in the field of cloud infrastructure in 2019, and with 3CX in implementing web PBX, were strategic moves that set Voiceland apart. Simultaneously, partnerships with OpenShips, TI Sparkle, and Snom provided us with the necessary expertise and infrastructure to offer top-quality telecommunication services.



Expanding Our Team

Our goal is to provide better services.

The acceptance in the Greek market shaped our next steps, and it was time to grow our team. Our first collaborator, Stathis, joined the team in 2016, taking on multiple roles in customer service, marketing, and sales.



Starting in 2011 with an Idea

A decision that was about to change communication.

With a spontaneous decision that came one summer evening in 2011, we began offering affordable business telecommunication internationally. Setting up our first offices, we were motivated to change the communication landscape for businesses.



Numbers always speak the truth.

The true worth of the solutions we provide is clearly represented through measurable results.




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Communication is a right for every business.

Find the best solution for your needs.

  • Small Businesses
  • Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Large Organizations

Solutions that uplift small businesses and pave the way to new possibilities.

We provide unmatched communication solutions tailored for small businesses. Our affordable services are crafted to enhance collaboration and streamline operations, assisting your company in navigating digital transformation. Seamlessly interact with other businesses both locally in Greece and on a global scale, all while partnering with a local ally who truly understands your needs.

Solutions that uplift small businesses and pave the way to new possibilities.

We provide custom VoIP telephony solutions to emerging businesses keen on revolutionizing their communication landscape. Our services foster collaboration using intelligent automation, fill information voids, and stimulate sustainable growth. Embrace the next wave of integrations and connectivity, and witness your company thriving.

Solutions that uplift small businesses and pave the way to new possibilities.

We execute telecommunication re-engineering strategies for multinational corporations and public organizations through robust VoIP systems. By offering state-of-the-art communication tools designed to meet challenging needs, we enhance the technical prowess and efficiency of large entities. Our contemporary solutions streamline complex operations and liberate resources, enabling their strategic reallocation.



Our methodology.

We ensure your success by following the right steps.

We listen to you carefully

Communication goes two ways. We attentively listen to your requirements to ensure our proposed solutions align perfectly with your expectations.

We study your needs

We go for a complete understanding of your business to identify solutions that are not just tailored to your requirements, but also provide a cost-efficient approach.

We prepare a proposal for you

We showcase a solution curated explicitly for your business, engaging in thorough discussions about every potential application.

We upgrade your business

We implement the solution that aligns with your expectations and offer continual support to help you leverage its full potential.


Our partners

that creates success.



Speak with a Voice Expert.

We are confident that we can do something better for your business communication.

So far, we've served more than 450 businesses in over 30 sectors. Let's find a better communication solution for your business together.