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VoiceLite. Free Cloud PBX.

This is VoiceLite, the modern cloud-based PBX with zero fixed costs! You can upgrade your business and improve communication with zero acquisition cost for the cloud pbx and immediate support. and maintenance rates. Access Amazon's top data center technology and change how you communicate with customers, employees, and colleagues. Receive up to 6 concurrent calls and improve how you fulfill your customers' expectations!



VoIP PBX for small businesses.

Get a 100% free PBX by only purchasing some pre-set annual prepaid talk time.

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VoiceLite Annual
Talktime Billing Plans.

Find the most suitable plan for your business.


100 / year
130,20€ including taxes
  • 1-5 users
  • Concurrent voice channels x2
  • 1 Welcome message
  • 1 Business hours announcement
  • 1 Ring group/Queue
  • 1 Options menu
  • 1 Missed call notifications
  • 1 Voicemail
  • Video conferencing
  • Internal chat communication
  • Encrypted communication


160 / year
208,32€ including taxes
  • 1-12 users
  • Concurrent voice channels x4
  • 2 Welcome messages
  • 2 Business hours announcements
  • 2 Ring groups/Queues
  • 2 Options menus
  • 2 Missed call notifications
  • 2 Voicemail
  • Video conferencing
  • Internal chat communication
  • Encrypted communication


240 / year
312,48€ including taxes
  • 1-18 users
  • Concurrent voice channels x6
  • 3 Welcome messages
  • 3 Business hours announcements
  • 3 Ring groups/Queues
  • 3 Options menus
  • 3 Missed call notifications
  • 3 Voicemail
  • Video conferencing
  • Internal chat communication
  • Encrypted communication


320 / year
416,64€ including taxes
  • 1-25 users
  • Concurrent voice channels x8
  • 4 Welcome messages
  • 4 Business hours announcements
  • 4 Ring groups/Queues
  • 4 Options menus
  • 4 Missed call notifications
  • 4 Voicemail
  • Video conferencing
  • Internal chat communication
  • Encrypted communication


1. Is VoiceLite suitable for my business?

VoiceLite is for businesses looking for a budget-friendly PBX solution with low maintenance and acquisition costs. If you employ a small working group or your company is transitioning from conventional to VoIP telephony for the first time, VoiceLite is the perfect fit.

2. What do I pay annually with Voiceland's VoiceLite?

The VoiceLite program is a privileged annual plan where you only pay for the renewal of talk time without a fixed monthly fee and hidden charges. With 1€/month (1,30€ with taxes) per voice channel, you activate as many voice channels as you want and as many users as you need, and this money stays in your account to be used as talk time. A 12-month prepayment is required, i.e. €12 / year (€15.62 with taxes).

3.How does VoiceLite differ from other PBX programs on the market?

VoiceLite stands out against other virtual call center programs because it offers your business hosting on Amazon's top infrastructure, ensuring high availability and reliability for your calls. It is a solution exclusively created by Voiceland as a service for SMEs.

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