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Missed call notification.

The missed call PBX feature ensures that you never miss an opportunity to engage with your customers. When an incoming call goes unanswered by your agents, a notification is automatically sent to the supervisor's inbox, alerting them of the missed call.

In this manner, not a single call is left unattended, thanks to the possibility of an instant callback or scheduling a return call at a more convenient time. This feature ensures exceptional customer service, completely devoid of any delays.

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Benefits of missed call notifications.

Engage in every call with confidence and receive immediate email notifications for any calls that go unanswered.

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Improved customer

Missed call notifications are a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. They help to improve efficiency, ensure immediate response to customers, and reduce missed opportunities for communication.



The missed calls feature ensures a stress-free experience for your calls and web meetings. You're not obligated to answer a new incoming call right away; instead, you can call back when you're prepared.

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With every missed call notification you receive, you have the ability to assign the callback to different agents, ensuring absolute consistency, improved administration, and efficient distribution of workload.

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Take the guesswork out of your business communication.

With missed call notifications, you have better control over your communications.

A growing business can't afford the luxury of missed opportunities – whether that means lost customers or vital information slipping away due to unanswered calls. Voiceland's missed call feature, seamlessly integrated with CRM capabilities, guarantees that no valuable information, potential client, or opportunity for new partnerships will go unnoticed. Even if you're unable to answer a call immediately, rest assured that every important detail will find its way to you. Elevate your business growth by taking the smart step for your PBX.

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