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Call reports.

Detailed call reports are an invaluable tool for any business PBX, offering extensive customization options. Paired with call recording, PBX analytics form a powerful engine for success in business communication.

Call reports offer comprehensive statistics on both incoming and outgoing calls, facilitate thorough monitoring of team performance, and ensure the maintenance of high-quality service provision. Whether you're looking to get an overview of your entire team or department or even insights into individual users, call reporting offers detailed and targeted information for educated decision-making.

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Benefits of call reporting.

Stay in the loop with the 3CX call reports.

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Keep your finger
on the pulse

With automated call reports, you can monitor the real-time performance by user or department. You can also use historical performance data to benchmark your results.


Reward the
right people

Your decisions are now backed by real data, eliminating guesswork. You can evaluate which users or teams are making more effort and reward them accordingly.

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Statistical reports can help you identify volatility and periodic trends in incoming call volume so you can plan for seasonal hiring needs.

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Detailed call reports and insights about agent-customer interactions.

Public organization contact centers, call centers, and company customer care departments regain control with the power of analytics and call reporting.

Why not leverage a modern supervision and control solution backed by technology? Find out today what’s happening in your contact center and make informed decisions.

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