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Everything you need to know about VoIP telephony and contemporary business communication.

Is VoIP telephony suitable for my business?

VoIP telephony has revolutionized business communications, offering crystal-clear voice quality, more favorable charges, and unparalleled flexibility since it can integrate with other business tools (ERP, CRM, etc.). It also enables unrestricted global communication and even assists a small business in growing. VoIP paves the way for more automated and efficient internal operations, whether you have a small business with specific needs or manage a medium or large company with growing communication demands.

What do I pay annually for VoIP telephony with Voiceland?

At Voiceland, we design our VoIP pricing plans that are simple and fair. You only pay for what you use. These packages work like a prepaid phone: you buy talk time upfront, and there are no hidden costs. Plus, you're billed for the exact minutes you talk, not a minute more. This gives you full control because you’re able to decide how much talk time you need, how much you spend, and even set a budget for your communication costs.

Why should a business choose VoIP telephony over traditional telephony?

VoIP telephony is a game-changer for business communication. It not only saves you money but also adjusts to work with many devices and can connect to a wide variety of systems. Unlike old-school telecommunication setups, VoIP is adaptable and evolves alongside your business. When you opt for VoIP, you're ensuring seamless access to your company's communication platforms at all times. This means improved customer service and a boost in productivity for your team.

What types of VoIP phone numbers are available?

A VoIP number can be used by your clients and staff just like any other phone number. You'll have a standard 10-digit number, and the call quality will be the same or even better. You can choose local numbers from various cities in Greece or from countries abroad. In some cases, providers like Voiceland also offer non-geographic numbers in the format of 800-XXX-XXXX, serving as a unified nationwide communication solution.

Can I choose my VoIP phone number myself?

You can select the city for your phone number, but the exact digits are generated randomly. If you have a particular number in mind, it can be secured for an extra fee.

Can a VoIP number ring on a mobile phone?

Yes. Mobile VoIP, also known as mVoIP, uses a mobile phone's network (3G, 4G, 5G, LTE) to harness VoIP technology. This means that with the 3CX app, you have your office phone with you on your mobile at all times, even when traveling outside of Greece. In traditional telephony, this can only be achieved through call forwarding and activating roaming. However, you'll likely be charged significantly for this, especially in countries outside of Europe. With VoIP, you can forget about roaming charges because you can make and receive calls from anywhere without any unexpected fees to your bill.

What's the difference between a traditional and a Cloud-based PBX?

A Cloud PBX is a virtual phone system hosted in the cloud. In the case of Voiceland, all PBX are hosted on Amazon's top-tier infrastructure in Frankfurt. Cloud PBX systems don't require equipment unless a business wishes to install VoIP phone devices. However, this isn't mandatory. You can connect your PBX to computers already in use. On the other hand, a traditional PBX system is a closed phone network within a business that demands all equipment to be bought from scratch – servers, networks, phone devices, etc. Thus, it's quite costly actually to set it up.

What are the advantages of a Cloud-based business PBX?

Internet connectivity has made it possible for businesses to make professional calls from anywhere, using mobile devices or computers. With a cloud PBX, there's no need to maintain a server room or search for specialized maintenance personnel. Scalability is another advantage, as you can adjust the lines and feature extensions as needed. Even if you relocate your office, your virtual PBX will stay the same, so your customers won't notice any difference. Lastly, Cloud PBX's functions extend beyond calls, offering advanced features like teleconferencing, live chats, and WhatsApp integration.

Which Cloud PBX is best for small businesses?

Cloud PBX by Voiceland is a cost-effective solution for small businesses with usage-based pricing. Unlike on-premise systems, cloud PBX eliminates the need for routine maintenance of a PBX server, saving you money and allowing you to focus on your business.

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