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Leverage advanced features and enjoy seamless integration between your call center and all your enterprise information systems.


VoIP PBX integration
with CRM & ERP.

VoIP PBX integration with CRM & ERP accelerates the flow of information within your organization and is essential for the automation of your workflows. By collecting all data from your corporate tools and creating information bridges for your team, you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your communications.

At Voiceland, we offer you the ability to manage and serve callers immediately with PBX systems that are compatible with the most popular CRMs on the market, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, Dynamics, etc. Our infrastructure also works seamlessly with ERP software, making it easy to manage calls, collaborate with your team, and provide remote support.



Benefits of VoIP PBX CRM integration.

Real-time access to all your information exactly when you need it.

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Live call

The caller's information pops up on the agent's screen as soon as they call, so they can quickly see who is calling and what the conversation is about.

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Call data

Call data is automatically synced to your CRM in real time, so you can track the results of each conversation and make informed decisions about your business.

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With a single click, agents can make calls directly from the CRM and see detailed information about the caller on their screen in seconds.

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VoIP CRM & ERP integration to automate your communications.

We provide you with all the modern tools to automate processes and fully leverage your data.

Call reports, call recording, IVR, missed call notifications, Voice2mail, and many more features become engines for generating useful data through the CRM & ERP integration of your 3CX PBX. Maybe it's time to leverage the value of your communications’ historical data.

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