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Leverage advanced features and enjoy seamless integration between your call center and all your enterprise information systems.


Concurrent calls & call channels.

Concurrent calls are the total number of calls that your cloud PBX can handle simultaneously. The more call channels you have activated in your pricing plan, the more concurrent calls you will be able to receive.

Activating a license for more concurrent calls reduces the chances of missed calls and unexplored opportunities to communicate with customers. With concurrent calls, all customer inquiries are answered promptly, boosting team and group productivity.

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More concurrent calls
better service.

Scalable call channeling to support your business growth.



Empower teams to work more efficiently with concurrent calls. Make sure that all customer needs are met, and all calls are answered by your agents, even if one or more lines are busy.


Flexibility for

Create a flexible communication model where incoming and outgoing calls can take place simultaneously. Close deals and answer customer questions without any restrictions.


Better customer

With concurrent calls, customers spend less time on hold and get the answers they need faster. This way, they get a positive impression on your business beyond any doubt.

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VoIP allows multiple conversations at the
same time.

When choosing a VoIP telephony plan, you're in control of the number of concurrent calls your VoIP system supports.

For example, if you activate a license that supports up to 4 call channels, then out of the total users activated in your PBX, 4 can be in conversation simultaneously. Do you need guidance on concurrent calls? Ask a Voice expert. Empower your business with the flexibility to communicate comfortably anytime, anywhere.

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