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Leverage advanced features and enjoy seamless integration between your call center and all your enterprise information systems.


Bitrix24 integration
with your PBX.

Achieve impeccable communication with clients and partners through Bitrix24-PBX integration!

Connect via API and configure your PBX to elevate your corporate communication strategy. Incoming and outgoing calls trigger an automatic contact search in Bitrix24 and display caller details on the screen. Cutting-edge features like contact synchronization guarantee that you never miss an opportunity to acquire new leads.

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Bridge the communication gap with technology.

Harness the value from every call or text message within your organization!

Embrace the 3CX Web Client for streamlined access to your communication data, and enhance information unity with CRM PBX integration. With features like call recording or Voice2Mail, you can maintain a full archive of both the quantity and quality of all calls, as well as insights from all conversations’ content within your organization.

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Benefits of PBX and Bitrix24 integration.

Assess the impact of your communication strategies with a
unified data repository


A single platform for
all your data

Integrating information between Bitrix24 and 3CX offers you the opportunity to have a unified platform for all your needs. These two powerful tools collaborate with each other, allowing for significant time saved.


Security and

Both 3CX and Bitrix24 are secure and reliable tools for every business. Their integration means 100% security, reliability, and protection of all your communication data within your organization.


Broad spectrum
of potentials

The Bitrix24-3CX integration unveils a plethora of untapped opportunities. By leveraging the collaboration between the two platforms, you can enhance customer service and boost team productivity.



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