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80% lower monthly communication charges


24/7 availability so you never miss a call


Free intra-company communication for all users


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Greece, European Union, United Kingdom

Landline Calls 0.019€ / minute

0.0247€ / minute with taxes

Mobile Calls 0.059€ / minute

0.0768€ / minute with taxes

Charges apply per second of actual talk time.

USA, Canada

Landline Calls €0.019 / minute

0.0247€ / minute with taxes

Mobile Calls 0.019€ / minute 

0.0247€ / minute with taxes

Charges apply per second of actual talk time.

1. Is VoIP telephony suitable for my business?

VoIP telephony has revolutionized business communications, offering crystal-clear voice quality, more favorable charges, and unparalleled flexibility since it can integrate with other business tools (ERP, CRM, etc.). It also enables unrestricted global communication and even assists a small business in growing. VoIP paves the way for more automated and efficient internal operations, whether you have a small business with specific needs or manage a medium or large company with growing communication demands.

2. What do I pay annually for VoIP telephony with Voiceland?

At Voiceland, we design our VoIP pricing plans that are simple and fair. You only pay for what you use. These packages work like a prepaid phone: you buy talk time upfront, and there are no hidden costs. Plus, you're billed for the exact minutes you talk, not a minute more. This gives you full control because you’re able to decide how much talk time you need, how much you spend, and even set a budget for your communication costs.

3. Why should a business choose VoIP telephony over traditional telephony?

VoIP telephony is a game-changer for business communication. It not only saves you money but also adjusts to work with many devices and can connect to a wide variety of systems. Unlike old-school telecommunication setups, VoIP is adaptable and evolves alongside your business. When you opt for VoIP, you're ensuring seamless access to your company's communication platforms at all times. This means improved customer service and a boost in productivity for your team.

4. How are airtime charges defined?

Billing is per second of actual talk with no minimum charge rounded up to the second decimal place. The above prices may change without notice. The minimum deposit amount is set at €100.00. There is a detailed price list with the charges of all destinations here. In applications for allocation of easy-to-remember numbers, the cost is determined on a case-by-case basis. The communication data generated by all the services provided by Voiceland are stored in the company's infrastructure located in the Greek territory. The company is not responsible for any typographical error in the price list and reserves the right to change the price list without notice. The current price list is published at www.voiceland.gr

5. Is there a detailed price list for all destinations?

Please find our detailed price list here.

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