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Leverage advanced features and enjoy seamless integration between your call center and all your enterprise information systems.


Connect Wise integration with your PBX.

Enhance your CRM's potential by integrating 3CX with ConnectWise. Seamlessly add new contacts to ConnectWise with each incoming call to your PBX. Use the “Click to Call” feature to make calls directly from the ConnectWise interface, using 3CX extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


Manage your communication
data better.

Bridging your PBX with your CRM gives you the chance to improve your communication and data management.

With automated call recording, call and conversation data automatically update your ConnectWise customer profiles. All the necessary details are right where you need them to be, helping sales, marketing, and customer support teams. All of this occurs seamlessly, eliminating the need for extra data entry.

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Benefits of ConnectWise integration with your PBX.

Organized information in your CRM
means better performance.


Easy contact

Adding new contacts to ConnectWise is simplified with the PBX and CRM connection. When you receive calls from unknown numbers, contacts are added instantly and automatically through the software's API.


Enhanced customer

Integrating 3CX with ConnectWise improves how you handle your customers. Greet them by name and tailor the conversation using past interaction data; this ensures they feel acknowledged and that their needs are understood.


Improved analysis
& reporting

Call logs, interactions with customers, and details noted by your agents after the conversation are essential for better reporting. All these lead to making better business decisions for your company’s growth and success.



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