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Leverage advanced features and enjoy seamless integration between your call center and all your enterprise information systems.


Vtiger integration
with your PBX.

Discover powerful features designed to enhance your communication and data management.

Nurture your relationships with customers by integrating your CRM with your PBX with the power of 3CX systems. Voiceland bridges 3CX to Vtiger through an advanced API, bringing your business closer to daily task automation. Your contacts are synced between the two software solutions. Every communication is recorded automatically, and you always make decisions based on current communication data.


Keeping all communication data in a single source
of truth.

Experience the ease of automatic call recording and listing each conversation directly to the relevant customer profile in Vtiger.

Incoming calls automatically activate the Vtiger contact ID, and customer details appear on the screen. Search for contacts in Vtiger by name, number, or email. Make calls directly from your CRM with the “Click to Call” feature. Boost Vtiger's potential and tap into advanced functionalities like voicemail, missed call, and call reports.

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Benefits of Vtiger integration with your PBX.

Better customer request management and more efficient
communication processes for your business


Communication history

Access to comprehensive call histories of customers logged in Vtiger CRM, enables tailored communication with callers, fortifying the bond between the business and its customers.


Real-time data

Automatically syncing calls, voicemails, and agent notes guarantees real-time updates to the customer profile in Vtiger, offering a holistic snapshot of the latest communication insights.


Consistency in
the workflow

With the “Click to Call” feature, employees in your contact center can initiate calls directly from Vtiger, saving time and ensuring communication remains within the CRM environment.



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