Business Communication via the Internet: Why is everybody switching to VoIP;

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology has revolutionized how we make phone calls, especially for business needs. Instead of using traditional telephone cables, VoIP transforms our voice into digital data transmitted over the Internet.

This change has led to many advantages, which explains why more and more people choose to set up an Internet telecommunication system in their offices.

But let’s take a closer look at the advantages of VoIP technology in communication and what makes many small and medium-sized businesses switch from landline to VoIP telephony.

Call center in business with traditional telephone line

A call center in its conventional form is a telecommunication system that connects all the internal telephones of the office and allows free calls and call transfer between internal lines. Traditional PBX systems rely on landline telephone connections and need the conventional telecommunication network to operate.

These systems often involve high initial costs for equipment and initial installation, along with continuous maintenance costs. On the contrary, in VoIP telephony and cloud-based telecommunication solutions, the provider is in charge of the maintenance and configuration processes. Hence, you don’t need an entire team of IT experts to upgrade your communication with your customers.

Advantages of VoIP technology

Lower cost: VoIP is a much more economical form of telecommunication than conventional telephone lines, as no charges are required for the installation and maintenance of the network. In addition, calls to other users in the same group are free of charge, while calls that have traditionally had higher costs – overseas calls for example – are much cheaper via VoIP.

Greater flexibility: VoIP offers a high level of flexibility to businesses, allowing employees to make calls from wherever there is Internet access (WiFi or 5G network). This is ideal for companies with remote employees, virtual assistants, or people who travel frequently (B2B sellers, insurers, medical visitors, etc.)

Expandability: VoIP offers expansion capabilities and is tailored to your needs, whether this means adding more users and voice channels or enabling packages that allow speaking to mobile and external landlines

Simple installation: The installation of a VoIP system is a simple process and can be done quickly and easily, on suitable VoIP devices and computers located in the office area or at each home, where each employee will use their own devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer).


Why do all businesses change their landline telephone to VoIP?

VoIP telephony is an excellent choice for companies searching for a more economical, flexible, and operational telephone system. When combined with a cloud PBX it becomes the best ally for professional communication, offering all the above benefits we mentioned.

Therefore, it is a step forward in the future for any business that wishes to upgrade its tools, to change the traditional form of telecommunications to VoIP, to benefit from:

  • Lower monthly expenses
  • Greater flexibility in communication
  • The ability to make international calls at a controlled cost
  • A telecommunication program that you expand along with the business
  • Top call quality and connectivity from multiple devices

Switch to VoIP today

How to install a VoIP telecommunication system for your business

Technology is now helping the decision-making of every business, despite its size. Specifically, to switch to a VoIP telecommunication system, you will need to have an active Internet connection and to have it connected to all the devices that you will use for your communication.

A call center operating with VoIP telephony can be supported by:

  • VoIP telephone devices
  • Computers and laptops owned by the company
  • Computers and laptops owned by the employee
  • Smartphones and tablets

If you cooperate with Voiceland, the configuration as well as connection process of your system with CRM/ERP is our business. Our team:

  1. Writes down your needs
  2. Enables your plan functions
  3. Configures your call center
  4. Enables as many users as you need
  5. Trains you on how to use it

Voiceland Team is always at your disposal for any technical or other assistance you might need in the future!

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