What is the cloud?

10 top cloud-based applications used by modern businesses today

Ιn the world of technology, the cloud has established itself as one of the most necessary pillars for modern businesses. But what exactly is the cloud and how can it help a business?

What is the cloud?

Cloud is a technology that allows remote access to software, storage, and other computing resources via the Internet. This capability has brought a significant change in the way that businesses operate, offering flexibility and accessibility to advanced technological solutions.
In this article, we will explore 10 top cloud-based applications that have become essential for all companies of today, showing how the cloud is transforming the business world.

What is the cloud technology?

Cloud computing technology (also called cloud) enables users to store data and access various programs over the Internet. It can be used by all devices connected to the Internet, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices. Cloud technology is beneficial for companies, as it enables them to use powerful software at any time while avoiding the restriction of their proprietary natural resources. 

Cloud computing is a technology that combines three basic functions:

  1. It includes software that runs over the Internet for accessing online tools and storing data, known as Software as a Service, or simply SaaS.
  2.  It offers infrastructure for remote computing, storage, and networking, where users pay according to usage (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS).
  3. It has platforms that offer an integrated system for developing, testing, managing, and updating software, based on remote data centers (Platform as a Service, PaaS).

10 cloud-based applications for businesses

In the era of digital transition cloud-based applications have become an integral part of entrepreneurship. From task management to data analysis, let’s take a look at the top 10 cloud-based applications for:


Salesforce is a pioneering example of SaaS (Software as a Service) in the field of cloud computing. This platform is mainly distinguished for its customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, providing businesses with an organized way to collect and manage customer information through an online platform.

It also offers multiple integrations, such as integration with Google Sheets, for more efficient data management and enhanced performance of various actions. In addition, it facilitates the separation of employee responsibilities and provides access to data from any device, helping improve sales while reducing the waste of resources.

Amazon Web Services

voiceland-cloud-computing-amazon-web-services (1)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular cloud computing service provider, offered by Amazon. The platform provides a wide range of services that cover various IT needs, including:

  • data storage
  • database management
  • computing power and more.

AWS allows businesses to build and operate applications with flexibility and safety, reducing the cost and complexity of managing physical servers. It is popular because of its high reliability and custom solutions, which makes AWS a top choice for many businesses worldwide.

For all the above reasons, AWS is one of Voiceland’s top partnerships, for high availability in the business communication solutions we offer!


DocuSign is an app that offers an instant and digital solution for the exchange of electronically signed contracts and documents. The application allows users to send, sign, and validate documents electronically, avoiding the use of paper and facilitating the signing and validation process. 

This makes DocuSign a valuable tool, facilitating processes in businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations. The DocuSign service is secure and complies with international laws and regulations, providing a reliable solution for the automation of corporate document management.

Google Workspace

Previously known as G Suite, Google Workspace offers a set of Google cloud-based tools and applications designed to facilitate communication, collaboration, and productivity. It includes popular applications such as:

  • Gmail for email
  • Google Drive for storing files
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for creating and editing documents
  • Google Calendar for meeting management
  • Google Forms for customer surveys and massively data collection

Google Workspace is an entire application platform, therefore, offering solutions with a subscription model, starting with a small subscription and reaching up to large enterprise packages with upgraded capabilities.


Asana is a popular project and task management platform that helps teams coordinate, organize, and monitor the progress of their work. The platform is designed to simplify the workflow and improve collaboration between team members.

Through Asana, users can create projects, assign tasks, set deadlines, and share files, while features such as to-do lists and embedded reports are also provided. Similar platforms are Clickup, Trello, and Monday.

Cloud PBX

Unlike traditional systems, Cloud PBX operates as a call center through a server network, i.e. without a physical installation in the business area. The Cloud PBX provided to you by Voiceland is implemented through Amazon Web Services and provides continuous availability. If there is a failure on one of the servers hosting the call center, the system automatically redistributes the resources from other hypervisors to maintain the continuous operation of the service.

With many cloud data centers and multiple zones of availability worldwide, your corporate communication is handled by the security of one of the most trusted PBX ecosystems!

Cloud PBX Benefits

By integrating Cloud PBX you effectively upgrade your business and become the owner of more privileges:

  • Scalability: Possibility of expanding the system according to the needs of the company.
  • Manageable cost: Economic flexibility with tailored prices based on use and needs.
  • Integrations με άλλα tools (CRM, ERP): Integration with other corporate software for improved management and efficiency.
  • Free intra-company communication: Zero charges for internal calls between employees.
  • Automation (IVR, queues, working hours): Call service with automation for automated management
  • No missed calls: All calls are answered or recorded as missed call notifications.

Cloud call center with Voiceland

Voiceland’s Cloud Call Center represents an excellent solution in the field of business telephone communication, offering impeccable customer care and high-tech solutions. The service is in Greek, ensuring convenience in our communication with you.

Discover PBX plans

With Voiceland’s Cloud Call Center, businesses gain a powerful ally in communication, strengthening their presence and improving their relationships with their own customers. We have unparalleled experience in supporting small, medium, and large enterprises as well as public organizations, adapting our services to various needs and requirements. Successful implementations constitute our success stories, proving the effectiveness and reliability of its solutions.

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