4+1 tools for remote work that you need today


Remote employee groups are becoming more common with the new global data. 

As the years go by and VoIP technology has perfected its capabilities in this field, we have gathered the 5 key tools  for remote work that through VoIP telephony enable professionals to work from home as if they were in their office space.

VoIP telephony remote work tools at the service of businesses!

1. Calls via smartphone or laptop from your company number

VoIP telephony allows employees to work on the go and access communication tools in the same way they accessed their office. Through the mobile application or the web client, you can call any number in Greece or abroad using your company number.

Also, you can accept calls from customers calling directly to your internal number and then you have the option to transfer the call to any other internal number you want.

2. All your call center in one Mobile App

A VoIP call center can be installed through an app on your smartphone or through a web client on your desktop, so you can stay connected with incoming phone calls, video conferences, and online chat wherever you are.

Through the app, you see the connection status of the rest team and thus you know who is online or who is busy. By clicking a button, you can call the user you want, invite him to a video conference, send her/him a message via chat, leave her/him a voicemail, or send her/him an email.

In addition, you have all your phone lists available within the app so that you do not have to search for the phone number you want to call.

3. Web meetings & Video Conference without apps

One of the most important remote work tools used by all those who work remotely is the video conference and the scheduled video conference.

Most video conferencing solutions require users to download an app or register and create an account to use their service. Besides being time-consuming, downloading video conferencing apps can also pose a security risk as well as an obstacle to users.

The integrated 3CX video conference solution is an easy-to-use collaboration tool. This means that the meeting participants you are inviting will not need to download apps or create accounts to join the meeting. All they need to do is click on the video conference link in their browser!

Also, you can schedule your online meetings and send an automatic online invitation with the meeting link to the interested party as well as a reminder before starting your communication.

4. Routing & recording calls

The 3CX call center ensures that you provide your customers with quality service and ensure that no customer will leave without contacting them. The possibilities offered are:

  • Transfer the call to the appropriate user
  • Ability to cancel a call and transfer it to the 1st available user
  • Call Back Service – callers can hang up and ask to call them back by leaving their number.
  • Capability to record calls to have a history of each conversation.
5. Internal communication with corporate chat & intercommunication

With VoIP telephony, each employee does not lose the feeling of camaraderie in the office because, through the dashboard of the call center, he can see which of his colleagues are connected and can send them a direct message in the company chat, leave them a voicemail or call them with a video call.

Also, you can create different groups per department and talk to each group separately.

Beyond the basic telecommuting tools, the additional benefits that VoIP offers for remote work are:

  • Work on the go

VoIP allows employees to work on the go and access communication tools just like at home or in the office.

VoIP systems can be integrated through a smartphone app so that people can stay connected with incoming phone calls, video conferences, and online chat.

  • Improved productivity

VoIP platforms are designed to help workers do everything faster. VoIP enables instant communication, so your staff can receive information immediately and make decisions sooner.

  • Better reliability

With VoIP, you will have much better communication quality and reliability.

Because it works on the cloud, there is no risk of being down due to technical failures. This is where it's important to choose a VoIP provider with strong uptime rates.

We at VOICELAND have one of the longest service availability times in the country with a SLA rate of 99.997%!

VoIP is a secure way to communicate and exchange data. Data remains private and secure in an ISO 27001-certified cloud.

The system is always updated to the latest version, preventing the ability for cyber-attacks. Because your employees will be using VoIP over encrypted communication channels, you can ensure that everything stays within your protected environment instead of worrying about whether an Internet source is a secure network.

Reduce your conventional phone bill by up to 80%

VoIP telephony solutions reduce a company's communication costs significantly. Remote workers can make free unlimited intercompany phone calls with the softphone or mobile app.

Also, your cloud call center through VOICELAND is set up within 1-2 days with zero supply and installation costs. Finally, you have a single charge to Greece, the European Union & America, and Canada, saving a lot of costs on any international calls.

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