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What solutions do e-shops love? 

Η VoIP τηλεφωνία και τα Cloud Τηλεφωνικά Κέντρα γίνονται ολοένα και πιο δημοφιλή για τα e-shops.

VoIP telephony and Cloud Call Centers are becoming increasingly popular for e-shops.

VoIP is the most cost-effective telephony option. At the same time, the call centers that are in Cloud, allow online stores to manage multiple calls from the phone of the office, home, mobile, and generally any device with Internet access.

Both of these technologies have many and varied advantages. This is why they have attracted the interest of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Consider that according to surveys, 31% of all businesses now use VoIP, a number that is expected to grow greatly. It is also worth mentioning that 74% of employees in small businesses use VoIP mobile apps to make their business calls.

In this article, we will see which communication solutions and features have been loved most by e-shops.

What are VoIP Telephony and Cloud Call Centers?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is Internet telephony. It allows calls through special telephone devices or devices that have access to the Internet, such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or even a mobile phone.

Cloud Call Centers (Cloud PBX) is a service that releases businesses from the need to physically install a call center. Using only VoIP telephony and devices connected to the Internet, voice calls are made through the respective provider.

VoIP telephony and Cloud PBX can offer many possibilities for e-shops.

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What functions and solutions have attracted the interest of e-shops?

Businesses always look for new solutions that will help them grow. VoIP and Cloud PBX are two new technologies that have gained significant ground in e-commerce in recent years.

This is because they enable them to manage their calls from wherever they are. They also have much lower fees due to the Internet and have at their disposal a lot of features and benefits. The most important are:

VoIP numbering for e-shops

With VoIP, the phone number is not assigned to a line, but to one or more users. This is why it can operate through any smart device with Internet access.

Most businesses that operate via the Internet are likely to operate in other cities or countries as well. With VoIP numbering, all e-shops can have local numbers, as if they have a physical presence in any region they want.

With VOICELAND you can have within 48 hours a “virtual” phone number for over 15 cities in Greece and toll-free VoIP numbers, even mobile numbers, for over 80 countries around the world.

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Interface – Integration

This is a feature that not many companies offer, but e-shops definitely need it. Fortunately, at VOICELAND, we can connect the 3CX Cloud Call Center, with the CRM – ERP you use in your online store. This allows you to have immediate access to every data you need while simplifying management.

Web Client

The great advantage that e-commerce professionals need to be able to work from wherever they are, is the Web Client. Indeed, with the 3CX Web Client you will find on VOICELAND, every employee can receive or make calls from anywhere. All he/she has to do is connect to the web client through a browser and immediately he/she will have access to all the tools. He/she can also attend video conferences, or organize web meetings.

Low charges

The great advantage of VoIP and Cloud PBX is the low charges. Telephone costs are drastically reduced, as internet charges are much lower, there are no extra charges for cross-call calls, and maintenance and equipment costs are zero.

With VOICELAND as your VoIP telephony provider, costs are only set for as long as you talk, while you also enjoy a 90% reduction in fixed payments. You also have unlimited internal calls and messages, regardless of where your employees are.

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No missed calls

Cloud Call Centers offer ways so that e-shops can take advantage of every missed call. For example, if a call from a potential customer is not answered, a notification is sent to the e-mail.

Another favorite feature is Voice2Mail, with which, the audio message left by a customer, is sent again directly to the e-mail.

Answering Machine IVR / Auto attendant

Not a simple answering machine, but a multi-level call routing system, with customized scenarios. Here are 5 ways to configure your call center script.

With this feature, each call is routed as quickly and instantly as possible. Also, customer service is guaranteed, regardless of the workload of employees.

Recording Calls

A function that helps any kind of business, regardless of its size. By recording calls, customer information is not lost, as it remains stored for later processing. Companies are also legally secure and have the possibility to defend themselves in the event of unnecessary complaints.

Converting Calls

The service that enables potential customers to contact a store whenever they need it.

In fact, using VOICELAND’s Cloud Call Center is even more immediate and easy. It is mainly used when an employee cannot receive a call, for example, if he/she is at a meeting, or even on vacation. In any case, the call deviation is activated with just one click, changing the user's status (e.g. Away, Do Not Disturb) and so, calls are routed to the number you need.

Waiting queues

Customers of e-shops always need the best service to remain loyal. The key to quality customer service is the right queues.

With 3CX Cloud PBX, online store customers are placed in a queue for service, listening to music, or receiving updates about their location and how they can continue the call.

Custom solutions for e-shops from VOICELAND

With VOICELAND as a provider of VoIP telephony and Cloud Call Center, e-shops have the opportunity to enjoy unique benefits that automate e-commerce processes, such as:

  1. Unlimited voice channels for as many agents as your e-shop needs
  2. Receiving reports on telephone service data
  3. Telephone update of order progress by typing the order number
  4. Connecting the call center to the ERP of the company
  5. Ability to serve multiple e-shops from a single call center
  6. Possibility of receiving a telephone number with the code of any region (e.g. e-shop in the province uses the code 210-Athens)
  7. Access to the call center in different ways (web client, windows app, mobile app)
  8. Call center function with the potential of remote service (e.g. agents working remotely if needed)
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