Call center for Zakcret store chain

Ηow technology brings growth

VOICELAND implemented a cloud call center and interconnected the physical stores with each other and with the eshop, providing a solution for unified communication throughout the chain.

An overview of the project

Zakcret, which is a chain of sporting goods stores, faced challenges in managing telephone communications with customers and between its stores. The need for centralized management of telecommunications became even more apparent when the company realized the difficulty in opening new branches, as order processing and communication flow in the 6 branches it maintained were already experiencing difficulties.

At this point, VOICELAND provided the ideal solution: a unified cloud call center, which would offer centralized inbound call management and savings on the monthly phone bill. In this way, the expansion of Zakcret's business activities would be a realistic and achievable goal.


  • 380 available users of which 240 are registered
  • Physical stores have been expanded from 15 to 32
  • 4 active and fully productive eshops with no communication barriers
  • Increased productivity through proper distribution of work in the contact center

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Within 8 years, Zakcret had 533% growth in their physical stores after solving their corporate communication problem with VoIP telephony!

What was requested from VOICELAND

When we started working with Zakcret, we were asked to encounter specific needs and challenges. The company's primary request was to achieve excellent interconnectivity between physical stores and eshops.

We also found out that there was a need for appropriate automation in the voice portal (IVR), with a clear and layered step flow for the calling customer. Finally, integration with the company's CRM was important so that all communications were recorded instantly, ensuring access to the data for all employees, regardless of the store they were located.

Project implementation - VoIP call center for Zakcret

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The installation of the VoIP call center for Zakcret store chain was implemented with a methodical and strategic approach:

  1. Each store was assigned with individual and easy-to-remember VoIP phone numbers.
  2. A smooth interface between the stores was established through integration with the central CRM used by the company.
  3. A special algorithm was designed to distribute the incoming calls to the agents, ensuring balance and fair distribution of the workload between them.
  4. Finally, a customized voice reception portal was created for each store for calling customers.

The call center that VOICELAND created can support seats for more call agents when the company needs it, with the infrastructure already in place!

What we achieved

  1. Ability to provide better quality service to the consumer
  2. 32,5% reduction of telecommunication expenses for the company
  3. Easier flow of information among stores
  4. Hosting of the cloud call center on Amazon's leading infrastructure
  5. Distinct phone numbers for each store but unified communication
  6. 240 contact center agents working productively
  7. A single point of truth in CRM through the PBX interface
  8. Real-time oversight and call service productivity reports
  9. Improvement in the caller experience by contacting the right voice gateway.

Switch to Cloud PBX

Possibilities to support the project in the future

Businesses and their needs change over time. Zakcret's call center could certainly have been expanded with more agents without any additional action in order to better serve the company's growing inbound communication needs in the future.

The caller experience can be further improved through the call-back feature. In this case, the caller does not wait on the receiver. He maintains his turn and the first available agent calls him back. Thus, the service is faster and more efficient.

Beyond that, an upgrade could involve calls to foreign countries, if the company decides to expand into new markets. What is certain is that the infrastructure exists and offers lower prices than conventional international telephony.

In addition, custom telecom functions for large eshops or features such as auto dialer can be leveraged for customer satisfaction surveys. Therefore, the company will be able to optimize more internal processes and create better customer retention conditions

To get to the point of Zakcret’s call center

VOICELAND implemented an impressive telecommunications project for Zakcret’s chain of physical and online stores, using the top technologies of Amazon and 3CX.

Through the expertise and knowledge of VOICELAND’s team, the best solutions were achieved for optimal call service across all stores. This partnership offered Zakcret the opportunity to expand its commercial presence unhindered, reaching 32 points of sale in the country!

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