VoIP CRM integration

How is it done and what are the benefits

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined the power of VoIP technology with the core of your business, namely your CRM program? We are here to answer that question and analyze all the benefits that arise from this combination.

Integrating VoIP with your CRM is a smart way to create the best conditions for your business growth. To configure flexible workflows and avoid a lot of manual tasks, which are time-consuming for sales agents and customer care, you might need to start thinking seriously about the possibilities that technology offers today.

After all, digital transformation is a reality, which the private sector especially embraced from the very first moment of its appearance. The reason is simple: automation increases efficiency. So why should your business not be part of this growth?

Create the right conditions to avoid human mistakes, eliminate repetitive tasks, and abandon inefficient work models.

Even the smallest inaccuracies can ultimately be costly for your business.

Integrating VoIP with CRM can help you overcome challenges and create a window into the future for your business to progress. Let's see how this can be done.

But first, let us answer a few basic questions that will facilitate our subsequent analysis.

What is a VoIP CRM integration?voiceland-crm-1-02

A call center is a private telephone network used within a company or organization, allowing users to make outgoing and receive incoming calls, as well as to make calls via a single central number.

With the VoIP call center, the above system uses the Internet to route calls, eliminating the need for expensive hardware and telephone lines. Instead, the system uses software to manage incoming and outgoing calls, offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

In addition, VoIP PBX offers a range of functions, including Voice2mail, call redirection, call standby and videoconferencing. All of this allows easy system management and scaling capabilities in an enterprise.

How does a VoIP telephone center that is connected to the business’s CRM work?

Screenshot από περιβάλλον εισερχόμενης VoIP κλήσης

The integration of VoIP telephony with CRM works by combining the two powerful tools through a software bridge. It is important to make sure that the CRM you are using is compatible with the VoIP solution you have chosen. Voiceland’s solution, for example, is integrated with more than 10 different CRM software.

After the integration is done, the data is synchronized and calls, notes, agreements, call records and tags can be accessed. Call records can either be retrieved from CRM or can be made directly from the CRM. When a customer calls, his information is displayed on the screen of the agent that is going to serve him. In addition, through the profile of a customer in CRM you can call him with one click.

Call statistics are also displayed in the CRM environment, and workflow automations can be created if a client, for example, does not respond to a call made.

The easy access to customer data during calls, as well as their utilization afterwards, become a real asset for your business!

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Advantages of VoIP CRM integration

CRM και VoIP ενσωμάτωση


VoIP CRM integration helps agents of a business, that manages large volumes of customers, to save countless hours from searching for information in CRM. At each new call all relevant information about the specific customer is displayed immediately, including his name, his previous purchases, his interactions with business channels and many other information.

On the other hand, for each outgoing call, agents can simply enter on CRM and click on the customer's number in order to call him/her, the so-called click2call.

This is an important advantage for businesses that make hundreds of calls each week. With VoIP CRM integration, call management becomes smarter and more efficient, saving time and improving productivity.

Happy agents

No one wants to deal with repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Imagine having to call 100 numbers per day, open an Excel sheet and then copy and paste the number to the VoIP tool for each of them. Time is wasted and much of the day is spent on actions that could very easily be automated.

Data entry is one of the main reasons that employees do not like their work, as it is tiring and repetitive work. The price you pay when you do not take advantage of automation such as VoIP CRM integration, is exactly this: dissatisfied and unproductive employees, who may leave your company and will cost you more in the long run to replace them.

Greater accuracy

Transferring data between different applications through copy and paste is a process that is exposed to the possibility of human error. When we even talk about dozens of calls during each turn, incorrect information can be entered by mistake and we all know what this means for a customer's experience with the business.

CRM VoIP integration ensures that data is automatically synchronized between applications, eliminating the need to enter data manually. This allows employees to focus on sales, without the stress of losing a digit or making a mistake in the customer profile in CRM.

Increase customer satisfaction

Companies that invest in personalization grow 40% faster than those that do not. Probably your customers know that you serve thousands of others besides them. But they still want you to devote them time and attention. With customization it is like telling your customers that you are interested in their business and even showing it in practice.

CRM integration with VoIP allows you to access all the data about each client before each call. Regardless of whether it is an outgoing or incoming call, all previous client interactions will be displayed: calls, emails, notes and more.

Even if the agent who took over today's call has never spoken to that particular client, he/she will have access to enough data to approach the call in the appropriate way and exceed the client's expectations.

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Increase Productivity

With VoIP CRM integration, agents can avoid continuous switching between two different applications. Although it may seem like something common in all jobs, as a practice it is easy to create distractions and reduce one’s productivity.

Another important advantage of integrating the two systems is that agents can access customer data from anywhere, whether working on-site or in remote mode.

Finally, the immediate updating of the systems means that one employee will not have to contact another employee for more information on a subject. All the information passes to the system automatically and is always on its screen.

Better data management

Organizing and recording data from start to finish is extremely important if you want to keep your CRM fully up-to-date.

Sales representatives benefit from the existing information for potential customers, as they are allowed to customize their presentation accordingly. On the other hand, customer care agents need to know the history of each customer, with whom they interact by phone.

By integrating your phone system with your CRM software, all the necessary information is automatically synced between the two software.

This allows the representatives of the contact center to:

  • Call customers using their name and number.
  • Import call data into the CRM.
  • Map customer requests and complaints.
  • Follow the call without having to consult other sources of information.

Because all information is automatically recorded into CRM software, agents can perform their tasks more efficiently!

Real-time system information

With VoIP CRM integration, customer information is updated in real-time, so you do not have to spend time for entering new customer information or for manually updating contacts. Synchronizing the two systems eliminates issues of incorrect data entry in the different fields of a customer tab and of course, automatically enters the new data whenever someone calls your company.

Communication Analytics

Finally, VoIP CRM integration allows you to easily track call statistics and manage live reports, so that you can see what is happening now, as well as analyze information from call history. This is useful for sales teams that need to monitor their activities and recognize purchasing trends, as they may benefit the future growth of the business.

VoIP CRM integration with Voiceland

The 3CX telephone center, which is provided through Voiceland’s services, offers VoIP-CRM integration, so you can automatically exchange data between the two platforms and maintain a better relationship with your customers. Agents, sales representatives and managers will be able to increase efficiency through:

  • the functionalities of a cloud call center.
  • automating call logging.
  • providing a more pleasant customer management experience in real-time during incoming calls.

Choose Voiceland and enjoy:

  1. Automatic call logging
  2. Real-time call information
  3. Contacts Synchronization
  4. Full management of potential customers

CRM integrations we support:

  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Bitrix24
  • ConnectWise
  • Freshdesk
  • DYnamic365
  • Vtiger
  • Zendesk
  • Zoho
  • Jetpack CRM

Read more about the integration between 3CX and the various CRMs on the official website.

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To get to the point 

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity. Technological developments make all these efforts a reality, using fewer resources.

The integration of CRM and VoIP is one of the latest methods that companies use to improve customer satisfaction. This integration can help you outperform your competitors by better-cultivating relationships with your customers and overseeing sales performance. At the same time, operating costs and investment in equipment are reduced, while productivity is increased.

The best part is that implementing such a system is a relatively quick and easy process, so you can start enjoying the benefits immediately without spending much time or effort. Once you make the connection between systems, you'll wonder why you've been working differently for so long.

Are you ready for the next step in automation in your business?