Free tools for freelancers you should be using

Which free tools for freelancers should you be using and why

In the dynamic world of freelancing, having the right set of tools can make all the difference in managing your projects efficiently, staying on top of your tasks, and maintaining strong client relationships. But with an ocean of options out there, which free tools for freelancers should you be using so you don’t break the bank?

This article dives into the essential free tools every freelancer should consider integrating into their workflow. From project management to accounting and communication, we'll explore why these free tools are not just beneficial but necessary for staying competitive and productive in the freelancing world.

7 tools that are free for freelancers to use



Wave is an accounting platform many freelancers use. Wave's Starter Plan is free. You'll get unlimited access to all its tools right away – no trials. You can send as many invoices as you like and manage everything from sales taxes to customer details without spending a dime. On the premium side of the tool, you could harness payroll solutions, easy online payments, and handy receipt scans, each with its own pricing fee.


Asana's free version keeps you organized and productive with up to 10 team members. The tool is ideal for various tasks from operations to marketing strategies. Yet, if you dream bigger, Asana offers advanced features, admin control, and more team slots if you upgrade. All details are mentioned on their page, along with diverse use cases, including goal setting, campaign launches, and project kick-offs, making it the perfect tool for freelancers in various fields.


Buffer shines in its simplicity and user-friendliness, streamlining social media scheduling in a single dashboard. Perfect for beginners or individual users, its free plan accommodates scheduling for up to 10 posts across 3 channels. Celebrated for its seamless integration with many other marketing tools, Buffer simplifies social network posting to a remarkable degree. The tool is straightforward with a clean interface, ensuring you spend less time puzzling over your posting schedule and more time engaging your audience.

VoiceLite PBX

And now, it’s time to meet VoiceLite – your gateway to cutting-edge, cloud-based PBX technology, all with zero fixed costs! Elevate your business communication to the next level without worrying about initial setup fees. Powered by Amazon’s premier data centers and Voiceland’s thoughtful attitude toward young entrepreneurs, VoiceLite Starter revolutionizes the way you connect with your customers, team members, and partners.


Choose only how many prepaid minutes you need per year (minimum 120€ of talk time), and we will give you all the above features for free! How cool is that?


Mailchimp's free plan is perfect for those just getting started or looking to experiment with Mailchimp's tools and features. This plan provides everything you need to begin reaching out to your audience and crafting emails for your offers, news, and projects. With the capacity to manage up to 500 contacts and the flexibility of sending up to 1,000 emails monthly, it's the ideal launching pad for your email marketing efforts.


HubSpot offers a forever-free version that’s perfect for those trying to manage operational costs. This pared-down version includes basic CRM features and a taste of HubSpot's marketing, sales, and service tools. While the free plan allows for some level of automation, hitting the limits means considering a paid upgrade to unlock its full potential. Yet, for many businesses, the free version is more than enough, providing an enhanced way to manage customer interactions. All things considered, HubSpot stands out as a freelancers’ choice for a free CRM.


Canva is a user-friendly design tool you can use at no cost! It's open to everyone, offering over 250,000 templates across more than 100 design formats, from social media posts to posters, flyers, and presentations. If you're looking to step up your design game though, you can always upgrade to the paid version: Canva Pro. Whether you choose to use free or Pro, Canva is your go-to tool for making beautiful visuals for your business.

Now you know which free tools for freelancers you should be using and why. Time to make those tools work for you in the best possible way!

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